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1. In-Game Name: AngelGore
2. Age: 19 o:
3. Which servers do you primarily play on? (Pixelmon, Skyblock, Survival, Factions, ext): Survival and Factions mainly but I'm willing to help out/play in all c:
4. Hours in Game (/playtime): Oh god . . more than what is humanly acceptable (I have been playing since 2011 and would legit skip school during high school to play)
5. Discord Username: yue ୨୧‧₊˚#4444
6. Country, Location/Timezone: United States EST

General Questions
Here we will ask you just a few questions to get to know you a bit more. Answer them in full. So no one line Answers.

1. How knowledgeable are you with the server types we have? (2+ Sentences): So as far as survival goes, I have been hopping from different survival servers for years. Whether it be vanilla or modded/custom modded I have been around them all and I am pretty knowledgable when it comes to the commands for it. I played hardcore factions for about 4 years as well as playing normal factions modes here and there in years prior so I am very comfortable with commands and how the game mode works in general. Skyblock has never been my most favorite of the game modes but it's such a chill way to relax and just use creativity and I thoroughly enjoy playing on it with friends! Pixelmon is new to me since I have no idea what client I had to install for it to work ):<
2. Have you got any previous staff experience? If so on what server(s)? And what ranks?: Yes! I mainly helped out with smaller servers that are a little less known as well as last summer helping code for a close friend's server. While I haven't been staff on too many servers I know enough about Minecraft where I can make unbiased judgment calls if issues arise or a player needs help.
3. Why should you be a Helper, and why should we pick you over other applicants? What qualities do you have that make you stand out from the rest?(3+ Sentences): So, ever since I was younger I loved playing Minecraft a lot. It was like finding a little online family where I could come on to talk to every day and spend countless hours just building and being creative all with the comfort of a close-knit community. I feel this aspect is what helps keep the game alive and prospering even this year and I want to ensure that all players have that same experience. To forget about what issues they have with family, friends, their occupations, school, or any other IRL issue and just escape onto a server where they have friends and people who support them! I want the server to be a carefree and happy place where people of all ages, religions, sexualities, genders, and races can all come together on a game we all love and have and enjoyable time. I also like to think of myself as very unbiased, something that is essential to being a good moderator on any platform. To those who know me more personally, I am an extremely easy-going and passive person but I will crack down when there is an inkling that someone could potentially get their feelings hurt or feel overall unwelcomed by others. I remain calm and collected and I strive to hear each side of an argument so I can form my own opinion about it and then proceed from there.
4. Any other information you would like to include?: I like small cats n csgo :3

What Would You Do
In this part of the application we will give you a few different examples of things that could happen, and we want you to give an explanation on how you would solve it.

1. Someone is advertising on the server, they are telling everyone another IP and talking about it in general. What would you do?: I would warn them verbally once that advertising is not allowed and if they continue I would issue a temporary mute. If they chose to stay until their mute runs out and continues to spam I would perm mute them and ask another mod if they think that a ban is fair.
2. Someone is spamming in chat because there was a technical problem and they lost their Donation rank. What would you do?: I would warn them for spamming and ask them to talk to me privately so that we could get it sorted. I would also ask them to send payment validation through discord and then handle it from there, also alerting the other moderators and owners.
3. A player is cursing out another player on the server, this player is your friend and is offending others harshly. What would you do?: Regardless if they are my friend or not I would treat them just as I would with any other member. If after an initial verbal warning they refuse to stop I would issue an actual warning and state that they will be muted with another warning if they continue.
4. A player is sexually harassing another player. What would you do about this?: I would instantly ban them. No one, male or female should be subjected to that sort of humiliation or abuse.
5. A player is accusing another player of stealing their items. What would you do?: I would talk to each of the players individually and then proceed from there. If the server has JukeAlert installed or another plugin of the like I can look at logs and see if the player in question opened up the other player's chest. If found guilty he would have to give back all of the items or face a ban. If the items cannot be recovered I would reimburse the player and also tell him to properly claim his items next time to ensure that this doesn't happen again.
6. A player is spamming in chat complaining about his vote not going through. How would you respond to this?: First I would tell him to stop spamming and to message me privately about the matter either on the game itself or through discord. I would tell him to go back onto the voting website to ensure that his name was entered correctly since most voting sites are case sensitive. If he shows that his vote did indeed go through and still received no key I would give him a key and tell him that he needs to make sure he's entering his name correctly and giving the website enough time to process the vote.
7. A player was trust griefed on Survival and is spamming, using bad language. How will you react and resolve this situation?: I would tell him to stop spamming and ask him to message me privately in order to address the situation. I would calmly ask him to reiterate his issue and then go from there. I would ask him to remove the player from his claims first and foremost and then ask him what he has lost. If this offense is deemed bannable on the server then I won't hesitate to ban the payer who was griefing while reimbursing the player who had lost items


Staff Manager
Congratulations @AngelGore you have been Accepted as a MazoraMC Staff Member!

Please contact the manager of your server (@Nick) in order to continue with the process of getting your rank set.
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