Hazzard Staff application

In-Game Name: BestDiamondMiner
2. Age: 16
3. Which servers do you primarily play on? (Pixelmon, Skyblock, Survival, Factions, ext): Pixelmon and all of the vinilla
4. Hours in Game (/playtime): N/A
5. Discord Username: Hazzard#7713
6. Country, Location/Timezone: Florida, EST

General Questions
Here we will ask you just a few questions to get to know you a bit more. Answer them in full. So no one line Answers.

1. How knowledgeable are you with the server types we have? (2+ Sentences): I have been playing Minecraft for over 8 years and I have played Skyblock, vanilla survival, UHC, Pixelmon.
2. Have you got any previous staff experience? If so on what server(s)? And what ranks?: I have been mod on an old Pixelmon server has moderator banned players who exploited the game also a staff on the fallen-networks surf Utopia 24/7 server.
3. Why should you be a Helper, and why should we pick you over other applicants? What qualities do you have that make you stand out from the rest?(3+ Sentences): I think I am a good applicant because I have a ton of experience in the game. I have played minecraft for many years and I have been pretty good at seeking out all the cheaters and removing them from the server. I am mature am available pretty much at any time.
4. Any other information you would like to include?: I can speak fluent Russian.

What Would You Do
In this part of the application we will give you a few different examples of things that could happen, and we want you to give an explanation on how you would solve it.

1. Someone is advertising on the server, they are telling everyone another IP and talking about it in general. What would you do?: I would warn them not to do that and if they were to continue I would mute them.
2. Someone is spamming in chat because there was a technical problem and they lost their Donation rank. What would you do?: I would tell them not to worry about it and go to the discord and report a bug.
3. A player is cursing out another player on the server, this player is your friend and is offending others harshly. What would you do?: I would treat them the same as any other player, I would warn them to stop and if they keep being toxic I will mute them.
4. A player is sexually harassing another player. What would you do about this?: I would first warn them if they don't stop I will mute them.
5. A player is accusing another player of stealing their items. What would you do?: I would look into the problem, If I found the player was guilty of stealing I would see to it that the victim gets their items back and then handle the person stealing.
6. A player is spamming in chat complaining about his vote not going through. How would you respond to this?: I would ask him to be patient and wait for it to go through.
7. A player was trust griefed on Survival and is spamming, using bad language. How will you react and resolve this situation?: I would ask the person too show proof of the items that he/she had and give him the items and deal with the person who griefed.
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