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Sep 14, 2020
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Hi, my name is hydfo and I can't wait for the mazora networks to go up so I can play on them. My ingame name is NoraAllen, It is the name of the flashes mom in the Netflix show The Flash so ig it kinda has some rarity to it. I used to have one of those now famous 3 letter names but I changed it a long time ago. I'm not the best at pvp and can only get around 12-14 cps. I have been playing Minecraft since the 1.9 update. I also don't like the new updates so I play on 1.8.9 and use the badlion client because I am too lazy to find all the mods. (update) I recently got a new mouse and can only click 9-11 but I should be back to my regular cps soon!
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