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Required Information
This consists of information we require in order to know who you are, collect contact information, and general statistics related to your player.

1. In-Game Name: TheIntrepid
2. Age:16
3. Which servers do you primarily play on? (Pixelmon, Skyblock, Survival, Factions, ext): Survival
4. Hours in Game (/playtime): I play a good amount of minecraft
5. Discord Username: MasterDurp
6. Country, Location/Timezone: USA New Jersey Eastern Standard Time

General Questions
Here we will ask you just a few questions to get to know you a bit more. Answer them in full. So no one line Answers.

1. How knowledgeable are you with the server types we have? (2+ Sentences): Pretty knowledgeable
2. Have you got any previous staff experience? If so on what server(s)? And what ranks?: Not really any prior staff experience
3. Why should you be a Helper, and why should we pick you over other applicants? What qualities do you have that make you stand out from the rest?(3+ Sentences): I would say im a level headed person who can handle situations by being calm and collected. I know how to handle most situations and can look at them from all angles to discern the best course of action or solution. And im someone who has a lot of empty time on their hands that can be put towards the server.
4. Any other information you would like to include?: Its James's brother he recommended that i apply for staff

What Would You Do
In this part of the application we will give you a few different examples of things that could happen, and we want you to give an explanation on how you would solve it.

1. Someone is advertising on the server, they are telling everyone another IP and talking about it in general. What would you do?: I would temproarily mute the player and give them a warning that if the behavior continues the consequences will be more severe.
2. Someone is spamming in chat because there was a technical problem and they lost their Donation rank. What would you do?: Warn them about spamming and inform them that someone will be available to help them at the shortest moment
3. A player is cursing out another player on the server, this player is your friend and is offending others harshly. What would you do?: Warn the player of their actions and mute them
4. A player is sexually harassing another player. What would you do about this?: Mute the player and warm them of more sever consequences resulting from continued behavior
5. A player is accusing another player of stealing their items. What would you do?: Try to diffuse the situation and calm both sides and then look for any evidence of stolen items
6. A player is spamming in chat complaining about his vote not going through. How would you respond to this?: Warn the player about spamming and inform them that someone will help them soon or help them myself if possible
7. A player was trust griefed on Survival and is spamming, using bad language. How will you react and resolve this situation?:[/b] Warn them about spamming and inform them that the players the trust should be chosen carefully from now on.
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